Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG): Paving the Path to Youthful Longevity

Alpha-Ketoglutarate, or AKG occupies a crucial role in the Krebs cycle, an essential process for energy production within our cells. This central position underscores its importance in maintaining cellular vitality and function. [1]

While AKG is naturally present in everyday foods like beets and spinach, it's important to recognize that our body's ability to produce and maintain optimal AKG levels diminishes with age. This decline has caught the attention of researchers, who suggest a potential link between decreasing AKG levels and the onset of age-related health issues. [2]

The concept of replenishing AKG, particularly through targeted supplementation, is gaining traction in scientific circles. This approach is seen as a promising strategy to mitigate certain aging processes, potentially slowing down the wear and tear that comes with time and even possibly extending lifespan.


AKG and the TCA cycle

Resetting the Cellular Chronometer with AKG

The influence of AKG on aging is multifaceted. It acts as a rejuvenator for mitochondria - our cells' energy generators. By playing a key role in the Krebs cycle, AKG ensures that mitochondria function efficiently, supporting optimal energy production and respiratory capabilities.

Beyond its role in energy metabolism, AKG is also an epigenetic modulator. The epigenome, which comprises chemical modifications that dictate gene activity, undergoes changes as we age. These changes can lead to various age-related conditions. In a groundbreaking 2021 clinical study, researchers showed that AKG supplementation could reverse epigenetic age by up to eight years, suggesting a profound biological rejuvenation at the cellular level. [3]

Addressing both mitochondrial dysfunction and epigenetic alterations, AKG offers a dual-action approach in the pursuit of longevity, targeting key aspects of the aging process.

Counteracting the Visible Signs of Aging

The effects of AKG extend beyond internal cellular processes; they are also visibly noticeable. For instance, studies in mice have shown that AKG supplementation can prevent age related hair graying and hair loss. [4]

In humans, it has even been shown to enhance skin hydration, boost collagen production, and reduce wrinkles, leading to a visibly younger and more vibrant looking skin. [5]

Aged Mice given AKG (left) next to control mice (right) A. SHAHMIRZADI ET. AL., CELL METABOLISM (2020

Lifespan and Healthspan

AKG's benefits are comprehensive, impacting not just appearance but also overall health and longevity. Research across various species, from simple organisms like nematodes to more complex ones like mice, indicates that AKG can extend lifespan. Studies on mice, have shown that AKG reduces frailty and inflammation, effectively increasing both lifespan and healthspan - the period of life spent in good health. [6]

Considering that over the last decades the average lifespan has increased significantly more than the average health span, it is even more vital for us to narrow the gap between the two. [7] After all, as we age, we want to extend not only our over all lifespan, but also maximise the years we spend in good health. AKG appears to be a key player for both.



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