Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG)

Alpha-Ketoglutarate, commonly referred to as AKG, holds a central position in the Krebs cycle, a pivotal process that ensures energy production inside our cells. 

Although it's found in daily foods like beets and spinach, it's essential to note that our natural AKG levels see a decline as we age. This decrease, as researchers suggest, might be directly related to numerous age-related disorders.

Because of this decline, there's a growing belief among scientists that replenishing AKG levels, especially through targeted supplementation, might be able to slow down certain aspects of aging. This restoration could counteract the detrimental effects of age and perhaps even extend our lifespan.


AKG and the TCA cycle

Resetting the Cellular Chronometer with AKG

AKG’s impact on aging operates through intricate mechanisms. 

It plays the role of a rejuvenator of mitochondria, breathing new life into our cellular powerhouses. Given its indispensable role in the Krebs cycle, AKG reinforces mitochondrial functionality, making sure cells retain proper energy production and respiratory capability.


Simultaneously, AKG dons the hat of an epigenetic choreographer inside our cells. The epigenome, a complex set of chemical tags to our DNA, decides which genes get the spotlight and which remain dormant. As we age, these settings get tampered with, leading to various age-associated ailments. However, a 2021 clinical study provided an eye-opening revelation: AKG supplementation led to an 8-year rollback in epigenetic age, rendering the participant's cells biologically rejuvenated.


Both mitochondrial dysfunction and epigenetic shifts are pivotal factors in the aging process. Therefore, AKG's dual approach in tackling these issues presents a comprehensive answer to the quest for longevity.

Counteracting the Visible Signs of Aging


Interestingly, AKG isn't just about the invisible processes inside our body; its effects can be seen by the naked eye.

In mice AKG supplementation prevented hair graying and hair loss as they aged, while in humans it enhanced skin hydration and collagen production. 

Moreover, there's significant evidence suggesting it minimizes wrinkles, leading to a skin that exudes youthful energy and appears revitalized.

Aged Mice given AKG (left) next to control mice (right) A. SHAHMIRZADI ET. AL., CELL METABOLISM (2020

Lifespan and Healthspan

However, the gifts of AKG are manifold. Beyond the evident physical signs, AKG has showcased a remarkable knack for extending lifespan across a myriad of organisms – from simple beings like nematodes and fruit flies to complex ones like mice and possibly even humans.

 Furthermore, older mice that benefitted from AKG treatment displayed a notable reduction in frailty and inflammation. As a result of this treatment, the increase in their healthspan — that period of an organism's life during which they are generally in good health — was also significantly increased in conjunction with their life span.

Considering that our average lifespan has seen a considerable jump in recent decades, it's even more vital now to narrow the gap between lifespan and healthspan. After all, our collective goal should be to live as many of our years in good health as possible.





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