From Aging to Ageless: The Science and Success Behind Aging Interventions

At Extensia, we are not just pioneering longevity solutions; we're creating personalized roadmaps for healthier, longer lives. As part of our mission, we conducted a comprehensive in-house study with our early customers, closely tracking their journey over six months. We are excited to share with you the transformations of three participants: Sarah, David, and Emma.

Disclaimer: Extensia is a commercial product, and the study mentioned was conducted and financed by Extensia.

The Study: From Epigenetic Age to Fitness Tests

Our study employed an advanced epigenetic age test, which accurately reveals one's biological age, a measure of how one's cells have aged due to lifestyle, environmental factors, and genetics. We paired this with our Longevity Quiz, which explores lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, and mental well-being. Remarkably, there was a clear correlation between the two.

PATH: Personalized Access to Health

Based on the results of the Quiz, we devised a personalized health and longevity program, called PATH, for each participant. PATH provided them with science-backed recommendations tailored to their unique lifestyle and health status, targeting all aspects of their life, from diet to exercise and mental wellness.


Sarah, a busy marketing executive in her late 40s, constantly battled brain fog and burnout. Her initial epigenetic test revealed a biological age older than her chronological years. Post taking the Longevity Quiz, Sarah was provided with her PATH program, focusing on cognitive health and stress management. Six months later, Sarah's cognitive clarity had dramatically improved, and her biological age had dropped, coming into line with her chronological age.


David, a 35-year-old entrepreneur, was trapped in a cycle of chronic fatigue. His Longevity Quiz and epigenetic test results pointed towards inadequate nutrition and lack of exercise increasing his rate of aging, leaving him with an epigenetic age of 41.7, and his Extensia BioAge was estimated at 41. His personalized PATH program emphasized a nutrition overhaul and a beginner-friendly fitness regimen. Six months on, David reported soaring energy levels and a renewed enthusiasm for life. His follow-up epigenetic test showed that his biological age was now 3,5 years younger than his chronological age.


Emma, a 60-year-old retired woman, was concerned about her waning strength. Emma's PATH program included age-appropriate strength training exercises and a balanced diet. Six months later, Emma was not only stronger and more agile, but her post-study epigenetic test also reflected a significantly younger biological age, going from 58 pre-intervention to 56.1 after the program.


While our study was conducted in-house and involved a small group, the results were undeniably inspiring, backed by broader longevity research and countless testimonials from our growing customer base. [1][2][3]

If Sarah, David, and Emma's stories inspire you, we invite you to start your own journey toward longevity. Try our free Longevity Quiz, and let us guide you towards a healthier, longer, and more vibrant life.

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